Canned cat food and its consequence

A moist (canned) and dry (crushed) cat-like feed is exposed to disputes while some veterinaries say that moist or dry food wonderful, if they high quality, other assert that cats must feed foremost by moist food on next reasons:

Dry food can result in dehydration that can become reason of infections of urinary ways (UTIs) and kidney illness. Dry food contains more carbohydrates, which increase the risk of disease instigation illness of bowel, obesity, diabetes, and by a cancer, because lady-cats are carnivores.

Moisture in dry food foods of cat is approximately 5-10 %, as compared to moist food — almost 80 %. Many cats feeding foremost or fully a dry feed is conduct the life in the chronicity of dehydration. It can result in higher maintenance of stones in urine, which can cause illnesses of urinary ways (UTIs) and can become reason of chronic kidney insufficiency or CRI (also known as a chronic kidney refuse, or CRF).Canned cat food and its consequence

Some researches found the small benefit for teeth, related to eating up of dry food. However, if a cat is thin and active, drinks plenty of water, and eats rich in squirrel dry food only, there is not a risk for a health, a benefit is more probably. A veterinary Jean Hofv recommends, that at least 50 % (and preferably anymore) all calories acted from moist food.

Some researches were defined by popular canned cat food, smelling fish, and side foods resulting in illness of thyroid for cats. Although it is not known certainly, many experts consider that rancid fish and side foods, often used in food foods of cat, especially cheap, bad quality brands, along with the materials used in certain types can food, can become reason of problems with a health.
It would be better to buy food in large canning jars, but not popular, and cool (keep them in glass tableware, but not metallic) bits and pieces. If food is chilled, it must be heated to the room temperature before feeding — many cats will not eat cold food, as it is too distant from the natural temperature of body of booty

Most cats prefer moist food, and they are happy to devour it, when proprietors provide them by them, but cats that love dry food can have difficulties in transition, especially if they fed freely. To overcome this resistance, it would be better to give dry food during an hour pair of one times day. Since a cat got used to the new diet, try to give a small amount can food before to give a dry feed. If your pet wants to eat, it will try.



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