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Thomas Cook, a Baptist pastor, now recognized as the founder of modern tourism thomas cook holidays the first to understand the nature and utility of organized mass movements of travelers. He organized the first 1843 excursion train tour for 570 of his flock in a nearby town. The success of the holiday travel deals actually accompanied by the pastor and grew into a successful low cost holidays business.

That thomas cook holidays has made significant group discounts on transportation and other tourist services. thompson holidays organized the participation of the British from all provinces of the country in an international exhibition in London. Thompson journeys managed to bring the exhibition 165 thousand visitors. Exhibition late holiday deals were great. Cook organized a massive English tourists late holiday deals the World Exhibition in Paris in 1855 with 1856  holiday travel deals to Europe and became a regular in vogue, was founded Cook travel agency and many branches in other countries.

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Fantastic success of the tourist company confirmed published a directory of over 8000 hotels and inns, in which Cook offers its tourists. Travel agency customers, “Thomas Cook” in 1870 are already more than 1 million Britons and Americans. That Cook put on an industrial (and exclusive) basis for holiday travel deals to Egypt in Cairo and Nile Cruise, has built two hotels with sports facilities in Luxor and in Aswan. He has turned into a popular backwater Egypt all inclusive holidays, fellahin torn from a hoe and taught English. Language and tourist services, and gave thousands of new employees paying jobs and provided a powerful infusion of capital into the state treasury.

Travel agency ThomasCook & Sonbylo active organizer of all inclusive holidays to Italy, for which Cook received the title of “Napoleon’s excursions.”
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This tourist firm in 1860, opened its offices in Naples and Palermo. The route includes visits to Naples, Vesuvius, Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri, a great success. Organization of trips in Italy by that foreign company was very pedantic: in places frequented by tourists, there is a clear system of service delivery. The majority of services were provided to individual and private individuals. In some cases, you can talk about the rules of market competition, at the time of hiring the premises; distribution of local guides, promotional material and publications, souvenirs, services, interpreters and cicerone, voluntarily united in circles; sale of drugs in foreign aptekah. Low cost holidays for further development.



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